Brooke’s Leap

Brooke's Leap

Brooke Kotrla is a 22 year old college student and graduate of Houston’s High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA). The summer of 2017 she was diagnosed with a grade 2 astrocytoma(brain tumor). As a student and Pom Squad member at Texas Tech University, Brooke moved home to Houston to receive her treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Even after an 11 hour awake craniotomy, 6 weeks of proton radiation, egg retrieval, and a year of chemo she has never stopped working to finish her degree. Brooke also teaches dance at a local studio and is an ambassador with Dancers Against Cancer. Thanks to the generosity of donors at Live n Leap, Brooke and her friend Emily (osteosarcoma survivor) get to go on a dream Disney Cruise in May of 2019 together! She is so thankful for the support Live n Leap has provided her family!